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Lewis Build are Auckland’s luxury custom home building specialists. We are an award-winning New Zealand family owned and operated business based in Auckland, established by Ben Lewis in 2010.

Our Story

We’ve been building and renovating dream homes since 2010

We are a family business at heart, owned and driven by Ben Lewis. Inspired by his great uncle, Ben is continuing his family legacy of designing and building quality bespoke homes and is committed to making dreams become a reality.

Established in 2010, Lewis Build is an Auckland-based building company that specialises in custom builds, renovations, and extensions, working alongside architects and interior designers to create your dream home. This experience is backed by our Master Builders and Auckland Residential Builders certification.

At Lewis Build, you deal with the business owner who takes responsibility and makes decisions, which is very important in the build process. Lewis Build offers a unique and personalised approach and we take pride in delivering excellence from start to finish. We provide a full, personal support service that affords ongoing peace of mind long after your home is complete.

We go the extra mile—we strive for the very best result and motivate those around us to give it their all. When the build is complete, we want to stand back and be proud that we have created an exceptional home for the client to enjoy.

Lewis Build have been helping people build their dream home in the Auckland region for over a decade and are committed to delivering quality projects at the highest possible standards.

What we do

We specialise in bespoke design and build projects that inspire the best in home living, taking pride in delivering excellence from start to finish.

Our team of tradespeople and suppliers have a long-standing partnership with us, resulting in consistent high-quality workmanship.

At our core, we are a team of experienced professionals who excel in bringing your ideas to life. With years of creative and practical expertise across all new build and home renovation projects, Lewis Build will guide you on your dream home journey.

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Staff members

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Our Process



When we hear from you, we’ll send you a questionnaire to find out more about your project, plus some information about Lewis Build so that you can learn more about us. If the project aligns, we’ll arrange a phone call to discuss your project in detail and determine if it is a good fit. From there, we will email you confirmation of the free site visit, including an agenda so you know what to expect on the day.


Site Visit

Ben will meet you on site to discuss the possibilities for your new home and explain the building process. By meeting on site, we can make a preliminary assessment of your land characteristics such as slope, orientation, views, and planning requirements. If required, Ben may bring along an architect and/or QS to point out any challenges, budget constraints and discuss the overall process. 



We prepare a Preliminary Agreement, which includes a detailed Cost Analysis (‘quote’) based on the initial design and your requirements. The cost for the quote is set depending on the scope of works, and is waived if we enter into a contract agreement. For more information on why we charge for quotes and how this benefits you, you can download our FAQs here. 


Design & Estimation

If you have plans, these are checked by our QS for methodology and put through our pricing software. If you don’t have plans yet, we will select an architect that best suits your design scope. We prepare a detailed cost analysis and present to you in person. This is where we can make informed decisions around the final selections and overall budget.



Contract Acceptance

We prepare the Master Builders contract, whether it is a new build or alteration, and advise that a 10 Year Guarantee is applied for. We will organise insurances at this stage, as a  contract works policy will be required for the duration of the project. A detailed payment schedule to align with the programme will be created. 


Pre-start meeting

Once building/resource consents are in place and contracts are signed, we have a pre-start meeting with our Project Manager to create the build programme through BuildXact, giving you key dates from start to finish. At this stage, meetings with subcontractors are arranged and you’ll meet the build team on site.


The Build

The build programme is tracked by our Project Manager. You are sent weekly progress reports to keep you updated, and our Site Foreman oversees construction to ensure our workmanship standards and timelines are met. Frequent budget meetings are important to keep the project on time and on budget.



A final inspection is booked through the Council and CCC is applied for by Lewis Build. Before we hand over the keys, we complete a final walk-through together to address any ‘snag list’ items, which are remedied swiftly. Your home is then given a full clean so it is ready for you to move into. You will be the proud owner of a new Lewis Build home.


Our commitment to you doesn’t finish when we hand over the keys. We attend to maintenance issues after 90 days, and again after one year of completion of the build. We want to make sure your house is at its highest quality after cycling through all four seasons.

Download our free guides

About Lewis Build

Want to know what makes us tick? Download our guide to discover what to look for to find your perfect builder and how to ensure you make the right decisions throughout your build journey.

ABCs of Building

Building your dream home and selecting your builder is a huge decision, and should not be taken lightly. This guide outlines key information around what you need to know before you build.


We often get asked why it is important to sign a Preliminiary Agreement and why we charge for our quotes. This document looks at the benefits to homeowners and the risk of free quotes.

We have experience in a range of projects, including minor and substantial existing dwelling renovations and extensions, architectural home and land packages, cosmetic interior refurbishments, designer architectural planning and supply sourcing and procurement. We work collaboratively with best in class providers and we have extensive industry networks and professional subcontractors who work to our exacting standards and support our core team of professionals.

An essential feature of our innovative project management is the direct contact and guidance that owner Ben Lewis provides throughout the consultation and construction process. This personalised contact is a key differentiator in a market saturated with large group build housing companies.

Ben comes from a family of builders. As a young man, Ben was inspired to build by his uncle who was a Master Carpenter in the Auckland region. Today, he is a Licensed Building Practitioner with more than 15 years experience as a builder and carpenter. Ben is continuing his family legacy of designing and building quality bespoke homes and is committed to making your dreams become a reality.

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