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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to build a house in Auckland, NZ?

    The cost of building a house in Auckland depends on the project. The cost of your home will vary depending on your design requirements, complexity, the size of your floor plan, and other factors. Feel free to contact us to get more information on our pricing structure, and one of our knowledgeable new home builders in Auckland would be happy to assist you.

    How do I find a good builder in Auckland, NZ?

    It can be difficult, but it’s not impossible to locate a reliable and trustworthy builder. You may ask friends for recommendations, browse for companies online that meet your building goals, and analyse their previous projects to gain better knowledge of their work.

    Are there likely to be any delays sourcing materials for my project?

    Most standard stock items (including GIB!) are back on the shelves and delivery times are returning to normal. We sign up all materials at contract stage with our dedicated suppliers so these are all ordered months in advance to ensure everything is available at each stage of the build.

    Is our project going to take longer than expected?

    There are always factors outside our control, such as ordering special items, weather delays, or client variations. However, with our new project management tool BuildXact we can track the timeline from start to finish of the project. Subcontractors and clients are invited to the portal for full transparency about how the timeline is tracking.

    Do I need a builder or an architect?

    In short, you need both. It is important that your builder and architect are introduced in the early stages of concept and budgeting so that they are ‘speaking the same language’ from the beginning. This will ensure that you save on time and costs in the preliminary stage, which flows through to completion of the project. At Lewis Build, we have strong relationships with a range of specialist architects, so we can refer one that best suits the style of your project.

    How much do architect plans cost in Auckland?

    Most architectural home builders in Auckland, NZ charge a percentage of the total project value, though it varies according to the size and scope of the project.

    What happens if the cost of materials increases during my build?

    We can either fix the price of materials for the duration of the project or provide an open book ‘cost plus’ solution. If you choose the fixed price option, the cost of materials are outlined in your contract and will not increase during the build unless the scope changes.

    Who are the best home builders in Auckland?

    We can assure you that Lewis Build is the right choice if you’re searching for a builder that will take care of all of your dream home’s requirements, no matter how small or large they may be. As specialists in architectural home building and significant renovations, we’re passionate about bringing dream homes in Auckland and surrounding areas. Searching for industry-led experts that create new builds in Auckland for you? Contact Lewis Build today or request a free consult to find out more.

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