Refer a friend

and receive a $1,000 cash bonus.

We know that the best endorsements come from those you trust, which is why we’re excited to offer you a $1,000 cash bonus for every successful referral you make.

Here’s the deal:

If you’ve built a home or project with us and are thrilled with the results, why not share the joy with your friends, family, and colleagues? When your referral leads to a successful build contract with us, you’ll be rewarded with $1,000 cash, as a token of our gratitude for spreading the word.

Even if you haven’t reached the build process with us yet but have expressed interest or made inquiries in the past, your referrals still count. If your referral results in a successful build contract with us, you’ll still receive the $1,000 cash bonus.

It’s simple:

Spread the word: Tell your network about your amazing experience with Lewis Build. Whether it’s over coffee with a friend or during a casual chat at work, let them know why you chose us for your home building journey.

Your referral builds with us: When your friend, family member, or colleague decides to embark on their own home-building adventure with Lewis Build, make sure they mention your name during their consultation.

Claim your reward: Once they successfully enter into a contract with us and their new home project is underway, you’ll receive your $1,000 cash bonus as our way of saying thank you for your trust and loyalty.

Ready to claim your reward? Complete the form below or get in touch with Ben today by calling 022 539 4725. Let’s continue building dreams together!

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